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Tuesday, May 15th 2012

6:42 PM

Chicken little book


Related article: Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 18:21:17 +0000 From: leigh clyde Subject: Carnival DealThe following story is a work of fiction. It features lesbian initiation of young women who wish to become the local Carnival Queen. It truly was a magical day when Amy Anderson-Wooding was chosen as her town's Regatta Senior Princesses. It was the first year she had entered and was amazed that she had got the title. The regatta was an important date in the calendar for all the locals. For the young ladies taking part it was a really big deal, particularly if they won a title. Kirstie Boyce was chosen as the other senior princess, keeping her status from the previous year. They knew that in next year's event one of them might even become the Senior Queen. The crown this year had gone to Beth Platts, nubile little girls who the previous year had been the other senior princess. As girls they had often watched the event and wished they could enter and win, and now it had happened. The young ladies all knew of each other, as they had been entering the competition for the past few years. When they were telephoned they were reminded of the need to keep the news quiet! Failure to do so what strip them of the title and ban them from the event in the future.When it came to the official announcement at the local regatta they were not the only three celebrating as the cameras clicked. Rachel Moon the former Queen, had became the Deputy Queen, with the Junior Queen title going to Danielle Chatterton, a newcomer. Once again the Charter Queen title went to Michelle McKeown. A new girl, Darcey O'Donnell was made the Junior Princess. Thus there were three new girls in the `royal court' as it was nicknamed. It was smiles all around as their images were captured posing in their stunning white dresses. Those that won attended fitting of the dresses at a local wedding gown shop, which was owned by a lady who, not surprisingly, sat on the Committee. They resembled wedding dresses in their style, which made those wearing them feel all the more `special.'Becoming the Senior Queen was nearly every girl's dream in the town. But what the vast majority of people did not know was how the winners were chosen. Whilst anyone of the correct age could put herself forward, a special "Princess' Committee" decided the outcome. Those involved were sworn to secrecy. It had existed for many years and was the concept of the local postmistress, apparently keen to improve the standing of the town and give young ladies a moral boost. She had left in her will a substantial amount of money for the ongoing costs of the annual Carnival and Regatta. The tradition that admission to this exclusive committee was by invitation only remained as a condition. The original committee had consisted of herself and her `Housekeeper' plus a few little russian naturist close female business associates within her social circle. The local vicar at the time was not to keen on the idea of men `ogling' young women and feared for the moral welfare of those involved. His mind and that of his flock little lola girls were put at rest when they found out that no men would be involved and that `respectable' ladies of the correct standing were to be in charge.For the young ladies winning it brought prestige for the following year. Opening charity events such as fetes and appearing in the local newspapers. little asian schoolgirls For some it had become a springboard for a modelling or acting career. A few of former Queens and princess had remained in the town and done well for themselves. Winning seemed to open many doors, many of which were held by the little kid incest all-important Princess' Committee. A generous bursary could also be applied for in the future by any of the winners. It could be used for furthering one's education fuck littlegirls pictures or starting a business. Appointments were made for each young lady to arrive at the shop on separate occasions. These special fitting were to occur after closing, so as not to interfere with trade. The request seemed reasonable particarly as the shopkeeper loaned and fitted the dresses for free. So each winner turned up on a different evening so she could be measured. Doating mothers or elder sisters came along with the new girls for the first session. They were soon convinced by the owner that they need not be there. They were generally pleased to be able to leave and get on with more important things and not have to stay. They knew no harm could come to the young women just trying on a dress. All of the girls were embarrassed that their mothers of sisters insisted on coming along in the first place!Once the girl's relative had gone, the door of the shop was locked and the shopkeeper led the girl into the spacious fitting room. It gave the impression of being much bigger than it actually was, due to the wall-to-wall mirrors. There even was a large mirror on the ceiling. Once inside the lady instructed the girl to undress whilst she went to obtain a few dresses of the approximate size. In each case the young ladies removed their outer clothing and were in the bra and knickers when the shopkeeper returned with an armful of white clothing. Danielle little lola girls wasn't wearing her bra the particular day she visited the shop. It was hot day and her small breasts really didn't need a bra. She kept on her skimpy sleeveless cotton t-shirt and slipped off her shorts.It wasn't a little naked girls complete surprise for Danielle when she was asked to remove her top. Clearly the dress would not fit correctly over a t-shirt. It was however a shock for the other new girls when they came for their individual fittings and they too were instructed to remove their bras. In fact all the winners were not just made to remove their tops but all their clothing including shoes and socks! They caught glimpses of their nakedness in the all-revealing mirrors and Amy, Danielle and Darcey found themselves going interesting shades of pink!Once naked the shopkeeper set about measuring them. She didn't seem to be at all phased by seeing them naked. Some of the little teens fucked girls were thinking about how they would love to have shared the embarrassing little girls forum story with their best friends or even their close family. But they all remembered that everything about the little ilegal porn competition was a secret.The shopkeeper placed the clothing on a nearby rail. She then approached each naked young lady, clipboard in hand, and little sexy angels pulled her tape measure from around her neck. The board was naked little teenies placed on the red-carpeted floor as she knelt. She ordered each girl to stand upright with shoulders back and arms by their sides. From her kneeling position she quickly reached around the waist of the girl and placed her measure. Each one felt her warm breath on their tummies as she made the manouvour. Then she measured from their waist to the ground, instructing them to hold to top of the measure. No sooner had she scribbled down the measurement than her hand was manoeuvring the measure between their legs. Her index finger rested on each girl's crutch whilst it held the measure. The side of her knuckle seemed to rest naturally between each girls' exposed labia. Each girl gave out a light gasp but before they could say a word, move or complain the hand was whisked away. Next she was standing in front of them. The measure once again manoeuvred around their torsos. This time her face lent on theirs as she got the measure into position. It was pulled tight under their breasts and the measurement called out with the instruction to remember it. Next it was pulled into place onto their bare breasts so as to get the cup size. The back of her fingers moved slowly and almost deliberately over their smooth naked breasts as she adjusted the measure. One final adjustment to guide the tape onto the nipples, her fingertips gently brushing over them, little mermaid toons and the measurement was again called out. Next feet were measured and heights taken. In less than ten minutes she had expertly carried out her task.She then rummaged through the various items on the clothing pile. The girl was handed a white strapless bustier of the correct size. This, it was explained would embellish their figures in all the correct places, giving them more defined waists and larger busts. None of them had ever tried on such a thing before but they had seen pictures of them in magazines. The shopkeeper assisted them to put on the garment and pull the laces into place. The girls were grateful to have a piece of clothing on to cover their embarrassment, even if it was a bit weird. The half-cup design of the bustier pushed their breasts upward allowing a fair amount of bare flesh to be exposed. Where mother nature had not been too generous padding was built in.The new girls presumed that matching naked little teens white knickers or a thong would be provided. But there was no mention of these items. Instead white stockings were presented along with a small white suspender belt. The shopkeeper provided a nearby chair boy little cocks and assisted them to put on the items along with suitable pair of shoes. The girl was now ready to try on the dress. Each one gently stepped into the expensive and delicate dress. It was then pulled up, positioned and fasted by the shopkeeper. Each girl was then told to stand on the chair so it could be observed and fitted. The shopkeeper went to work with pins and after about 15 minutes they were told to step down.The shopkeeper then helped them out of the dress which was then carefully hung on the nearby rail with their name attached to the garment. She then returned little russian naturist and assisted the young ladies out of their bustier, followed by their shoes, stockings and lastly their tiny suspenders. Each item was carefully hung up on a labelled hanger. She left them standing still for a few moments before informing the girl they could get dressed, as she left the fitting room pulling the small rail behind her.Each new girl hurriedly pulled on her naked little teenies clothing eager to cover up her young exposed body. Once back in the shop they each girl was informed of the time of her next appointment in about a weeks' time, then escorted to the door, as though nothing had occurred. The door was unlocked and they were each politely but firmly reminded not to speak about what had occurred. The young ladies told no one of the strange events they had experienced even though they all thought it strange. In answer to any question about the fitting or the dress they just relied it was `OK' and changed the subject.It was one of the Senior Princesses, Amy Anderson-Wooding, who was pretty little toes the first young lady to return some eight days later for her next fitting. She rang the doorbell and was invited in pretty little toes by the shopkeeper. She was instructed to go straight through to the fitting room. To her amazement there were four women sitting in the room. As she entered, looking a little startled, they stood up and each one took it in turns to introduce themselves. They, along with the shopkeeper, were the secretive Princess' Committee. Amy felt herself gulp and said how pleased she was to meet them. She was particularly amazed that she had won anything. Like many young women she lacked confidence about her appearance for no good reason.She was delighted to hear when the women explained that they all had skills that would help her. For example, one lady was a hairdresser and beautician another owned a health club and gym. The other two did not say what skills they had but it was explained that she would find out happy little girls in due course. Amy felt very special indeed to have all this expertise offered to her. She was sure that she recognised the youngest woman, who was in her early twenties, as Katharine Whyte, the Senior Queen from a couple little april vids of years ago. They sat back down on their line of chairs as the shopkeeper led Amy over to the cloths rail containing her dress and other garments.She was now standing with the rail between her and the assembled committee members who occasionally whispered to each other behind their hands. Whilst the shopkeeper was very formal and prim in her manner the other members of the committee seemed friendlier and even gave the occasional smile. One woman in her thirties even winked!The shopkeeper told her to undress. Amy shyly turned away from the woman. She removed her t-shirt, causing her straight long blonde hair to fall over her face. She parted little sex 16 it with her fingers so she could see. Next she kicked off her trainers and tugged down her jeans. She remembered from the naked little teens previous week that she must be naked for the fitting. Even the thought of it made her blush but she took a deep breath and reached behind her back. She unclasped the lacy white bra and slipped it down her arms and placed it onto her pile of clothing. Lastly she took her white tanga-style pink little round top knickers by the waistband and glided them down and off. It was whilst bending over that she caught a glance of the mirrored image of her naked bottom. She realised that the small audience of women had also had a similar view and had in fact been able to observe her undressing. Thus the clothes rail had done nothing to hide her modesty.The shopkeeper handed her a black garment. Amy was quick to take it. On handling it she realised it had an unusual feel. On inspection it was made of a shiny plastic material and looked a bit like a leotard. She didn't have much time to think anymore before the pushy shopkeeper was assisting her in stepping into it. It was a tight fit and accentuated her curvaceous figure. Unlike the other little girls blue new girls she had well-formed breasts, a rounded behind and well-defined waist and hips. The black PVC body suit showed off her assets to the full along with her shapely legs. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and wondered who it was for a second! She felt herself flushing a little but soon overcame the initial shock.Amy was then lead little sex 16 out for the committee to see. Katherine, the former Queen, stood up and walked around the new recruit. Amy tried to remain still and to appear unphased. But was hard to appear normal when wearing such a weird piece of clothing. Amy found herself staring at her reflection and analysing each part of her PVC-clad torso. Below the wide shoulder straps was a set of eyelets little girls fuckings which transversed each breast, complete with black laces. In fact the garment had a number of black laces and eyelets, including one set, which started by the navel and disappeared under the crotch. Just why they had made her wear this and whether they laces were just for show boy little cocks were questions which Amy asked herself, as the women ogled her and whispered to each other. Katherine complimented her on her good figure and then gave her a peck on the cheek. This put Amy at ease a little. She tried to be mature about the situation. After all she was showing less flesh than she did on the beach.Whilst the committee were observing Amy, the shopkeeper had left the changing room. She now returned and to Amy's amazement had Kirstie Boyce, the other senior princess with her. Also in tow was Rachel Moon that year's deputy Queen and former Queen. Both were wearing red silk dressing gowns. Amy smiled as they approached. They seemed pleased to see her and embraced her in a group hug, planting kisses on her cheeks. Amy almost forgot her weird costume for a moment as they exchanged pleasantries.Kirstie then steeped back a couple of paces and looked straight at them with a wry smile and a tilt of the head. She then pulled the bow free on her dressing gown allowing it to fall open. Underneath could be clearly seen a red version of the same kinky outfit. Rachel then stepped aside, pulled back her long blonde hair and pulled open her gown. She too was wearing the same garment only in turquoise blue. The gowns fell to the floor and Amy realised her jaw had dropped and that she was staring at Kirstie. Before she could say a word Rachel took her arm and pulled her gently toward her. She then planted a passionate kiss on her lips. She was then spun around and Kirstie did the same.What happened next left Amy's mind in a complete whirl. Just why she did nothing to complain as Kirstie held her firmly around her waist from behind? Just how her wrists were bound behind her so quickly? Why did she not protest as Rachel vigorously began yanking at the laces on the chest of the PVC bodysuit?Within moments her nipples and most of her breasts were exposed through the peepholes in the PVC garment. She glanced in the mirror and caught a vision of Rachel lunging forward and taking a large area of her exposed her right breast into her mouth! The sensation of her wet mouth and the flicking of her eager tongue made Amy's legs go weak.Rachel wasted no time in repeating the same manoeuvre on her other breast. Amy felt her nipples tingle as they never had before and was aware that other parts of her body and brain were developing minds of their own. So much so that she did nothing to complain or resist when Rachel crouched in front of her and began pulling forcefully at the laces by her navel. She soon felt the warm air of the room touch her now exposed crotch, or was it Rachel's excited breath, as the garment fell open.Rachel licked her finger and was easily able to glide it inside the now gasping and eager virgin. Not all the conquests had been so eager and easy. Some had taken more coxing and persuasion. Usually the thought of fame and future help with their careers was enough persuasion for them to succumb. A few new girls had completely rejected her advances and that of others she had assisted – they were not placed in any future competitions.Those young ladies that were `amenable' soon found their rewards. The more amenable they were the better their position in future events and the more assistance they would be given. Amy opened her legs wider and allowed Rachel's eager tongue began to probe her pink and engorged labia. It would seem that the blonde and gorgeous Amy might be going to go right to the top.Amy didn't little kid incest notice when one of the mirrors was slid back to reveal a small secret room complete with double bed draped little girls fuckings in pink sheets. She was glided seamlessly into the small room. Her audience moved their chairs to near the end of the bed. The little mermaid toons committee looked on with glee as Rachel and Kirstie took it in turns to undo each others matching garments so as to expose themselves to match Amy. They took it in turns to lick each other's bare breasts. Rachel then lay back on the bed. She bent her knees and allowed her legs to fall open. Kirstie quickly but gently began licking her. Her tongue circled around the outside of her virgina, licking each bit of her engorged lips. She then fuck littlegirls pictures withdrew and sat nearby. She took hold of Amy's arm and guided her towards Rachel's wet and open orifice. Without hardly a moment of hesitation she followed the example of the other princess. Rachel lay there gasping with joy whilst princess Amy satisfied her.Once Rachel was satisfied she returned the favour to Amy. Then it was Amy's turn to `do' Kirstie. Soon an hour had passed and the shopkeeper instructed the girls to remove their fingers from each other's eager bodies and get dressed. They reluctantly obeyed. After they had dressed a new appointment was made for Amy in about a weeks' time. Amy wondered just what might happen at her next fitting – only time would tell.The following day it was Darcey's return visit. She entered the changing room and was also surprised to see the assembled welcoming committee. Like Amy she little pussy russian went behind the clothes rail and disrobed, removing her denim dress, white cotton blouse and dainty flowery cotton panties and matching croptop. She stood naked little nudist pics for a few moments hands clasped in front of her and head bowed to avoid eye contact with anyone. She had not daddys little pussy grasped the fact that the committee had already viewed every little ilegal porn part of her body in the mirrors.Darcey was grateful when presented with a garment from the shopkeeper. In her embarrassment she would have happily put on anything to little clit cover her nakedness. Being naked in front of one person was bad enough, but nude in the presence of a whole group of strangers was little mermaid toons mortifying to this shy young woman. The fact that it was an almost transparent mini skirt didn't seem to matter. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened the small button. Next she was handed a pink thong made of the same sheer material. Hurriedly she pulled on the underwear. Next she was handed a loose fitting matching pink top. She pulled it over her head and adjusted it.She then was lead around the clothes rail and presented to the committee. Then two other young ladies entered the room. Darcey instantly recognised the raven-haired Senior Queen Beth Platts and the stunning blonde Kirstie Boyce, the Senior Princess. What did surprise her was that they were wearing almost identical outfits to herself only if different colours. Beth was wearing a white costume whilst Kirsty had a black one. Once she got over the initial surprise she then came to the realisation that the sheer fabric left little to the imagination! She could clearly see the shape of their breasts and could not help but notice their erect nipples forcing themselves little teens fucked against the thin fabric. Darcey glanced down at her own petite chest hoping that maybe her costume was not so revealing. To her horror it was! Her breasts and nipples little girls forum were also clearly defined and everyone could little kid songs clearly view them.Darcey tried to little april vids be brave and took some little round top comfort from the fact that the two other young ladies. who were dressed the same and didn't seem to be at all concerned. Before she could contemplate her predicament too long and popular dance song started to play and Kirsty took her by the arm and started dancing in front of her. Beth also joined in dancing to one side of her. Within a few moments Darcey joined in not wanting to look awkward by standing still.The three young ladies gyrated around and Darcey forgot her embarrassing costume and started to enjoy the activity, copying the various moves of the two older women. The committee looked on ogling their new recruit and complimented her on her good dance techniques.Darcey felt she had been a bit silly to be so shy and embarrassed. So with new confidence started to show some of her moves and routines, which like all teenage girls she had practiced in front of the mirror and with friends. Kirsty and Beth gave her smiles of encouragement and Darcey was soon at ease and gyrating around to the music completely forgetting her inhibitions and the committee.Darcey felt so at ease that she fully co-operated when Kirsty and Amy sandwiched her between them and began rubbing themselves on her to the music. She looked Kirsty in the eyes and smiled as she writhed up and down in front of her, caressing her legs on hers and grasping her hips. Amy held her waist and could feel her breasts brush against her back as all three moved seductively to the music.It was only when Kirsty unwrapped her black tiny skirt and flung it off that Darcey felt her embarrassment began to return. She then felt a smooth sensation on her shoulders and glanced down. It was Amy's sheer white skirt being gently placed on her. It was then she caught sight of Kirsty's almost non-existent tiny black sheer thong. Its tiny triangle of fabric hardly covered her!Before Darcey could think too much she felt her own pink skirt being quickly unwrapped. In a flash it was off and she was left somewhat breathless at the shock. She wanted to run little sexy angels away and cover herself but was too emotionally overwhelmed. Kirsty then took off her own black top revealing her shapely breasts and Amy followed her example. Darcey was the white top fly threw the air and feared the worse. Her top was taken by its hem by Kirsty at the front and Amy at the back and it was seductively slid up her silky white skin.Darcey passively allowed them to pull it up. It rested for a few short seconds under her small breasts before gliding over them. It felt strange as the silky top brushed her nipples as it travelled up the last part of her body. Soon it was over her head and discarded on the floor.Kirsty and Amy pushed their naked torsos against the young woman once again sandwiching her. This time she did not respond but rather stood there frozen, her hands by her side. Even when she felt Amy's finger slip inside the waistband of her tiny pink tong she remained still. She felt the finger slip down between her cheeks taking the tiny thong with it. Her pert bottom was now exposed. In one quick tug her tiny tong was now vigorously pulled down her slender legs by Amy. In seconds they were pulled from of her – leaving her completely naked and exposed to the perverted glares of the committee.Kirsty and Amy quickly helped each other out of the remaining items of clothing, seductively dancing as they did so. They then stood either side of the trembling teenager and took a wrist each and then bowed to the assembled audience. Darcey followed suit not knowing what else to do. They then turned their backs toward the committee, who were only sitting a couple of meters away, and bowed again.No sooner than Darcey had followed their example, Kirsty quickly straddled her back, holding her in that position. Amy ordered her to place her hands on the floor and to open her legs. The poor girl obeyed. She could almost feel their eyes burning into her almost hairless and exposed crutch.But this humiliation and experience was nothing compared to what happened next. Darcey then felt a sensation, which was completely alien to her, as Amy allowed her tongue to flick its end on the exposed pinkness of her labia. One after one the committee came forward to taste the young woman. Lastly Kirsty and Amy swooped places and she too could enjoy the virgin's taste. It was only when Amy lay in front of Darcey with her legs wide open asking for her to return the favour that Darcey refused and demanded to be let go. The committee had to reluctantly agree to her request with a stern warning not to tell anyone. The threat of telling her parents, and by gossip, the whole community about how she seduced other contestants into taking part in lesbian activities! Darcey knew who would be believed.Kirsty and Amy lead away the young reluctant female to the small shower cubical. They took it in turns to shower with her. Out of site and earshot of the committee they made sure that all evidence was washed away. At one point Kirsty forced the young woman to do a headstand and took great pleasure in directing the power-shower nozzle between her legs, making sure that her clitoris was hit by the forceful jet. Darcey wisely did not tell what had happened and was crowed the Junior Princess for that year. She did not enter the competition again.Newcomer Danielle Chatterton on the other hand did continue to enter successfully for a further three years, finally becoming the Senior Queen. Danielle was like all newcomers surprised little lola girls and somewhat shocked at her first fitting. However, in the days that little round top followed she pondered the experience over and over in her mind. Her dreams often relived that late afternoon when she was ordered to strip and her naked skin was touched and measured. She realised that she enjoyed wearing the sexy underwear and longed to have it next to her skin again. Danielle imagined herself posing in the white strapless bustier, thong and stockings.She, like the others before her made her second visit to the shop. She was lead into the fitting room and introduced to the committee. Danielle felt strangely exited when the shopkeeper told her to undress. Her fingers quickly little clit undid the buttons and zip on her short skirt. It fell to the floor and was then kicked away. She pulled off her trainers. Next she wasted not time in pulling off her black tshirt. Her bra followed and then her dark blue knickers. In less than a minute she was naked and made no attempt to cover her nudity. In fact she looked the shopkeeper in the eye waiting for her next instruction.The shopkeeper rummaged through the clothes rail that separated Danielle from the assembled ladies on the committee. She caught a glance of her naked form and raven hair in the large mirror and realised that all those present could also have a pretty good view too! She hoped they enjoyed what they could see. She was handed a small pair of silver hotpants and a matching halter neck top. Danielle gave out a slight giggle as she took the hotpants. They were so small and sexy! She slowly squeezed herself into the tiny shorts. Then she was helped on with the top. The shopkeeper then took her gently by the wrist and led her around the rail to face her audience. From the looks on their faces they were pleased with what they saw.The shopkeeper left her side and walked to the corner of the room and turned on some music and took a seat with the committee. Within a few beats a young woman burst through a door. It was Michelle McKeown the current Charter Queen. Her dark blonde hair was tied firmly back in a ponytail complete with a silver ribbon. Her slim petit body was clad in the same skimpy costume as Danielle.Michelle McKeown had been in the competition for years. Her successful `initiation' a couple of years previous little sexy angels and her ongoing eagerness to comply with the Committee's demands also guaranteed her a place in the `royal family' for the next few years. Danielle instantly recognised Kirsty Boyce, the Senior Princess, with her golden blonde hair, blue eyes and slim figure. She too was wearing the same outfit.Within seconds Kirsty had taken her by both hands and was dancing with her. Michelle danced to her side whilst giving her sideways looks and occasionally pouting at her. Danielle followed Kirsty's moves and swivelled around to the music whilst Michelle continued to do her own erotic dance nearby. Danielle tried hard to focus on Kirsty as she looked so longingly into her eyes. But her head kept turning to observe the pouting face and petite gyrating figure of Michelle.Danielle tried so hard no to look as the little minx pulled at the halter strap and allowed the top to fall revealing her bare budding breasts and pointed nipples. Her hands seductively cupped her naked breasts and she squeezed them whilst looking Danielle straight in the eye. Her top was soon flung away and she started to seductively roll down her tiny silver hotpants. Her rounded bottom was soon being aired for all to see. With some encouragement the shorts soon worked their way down her legs. Danielle then caught sight of her downy pubic hair before the shorts were discarded.Just how Danielle found herself kneeling on the floor she could not remember. But within seconds she was on her back with Kirsty sitting astride her. She looked up to see the back of Kirsty's head and her lovely golden hair. Danielle co-operated when she little boy sweaters felt her legs being held wide open by Kirsty. She then realised that the committee were getting a pretty good view of her crotch, through the tight silver fabric. There was little she could do. It was only when she felt Michelle's hands running gently up her thighs that she flinched a little. But it was the feeling of her hotpants being yanked to one side and her naked pussy being exposed to everyone that she gave out an audible gasp.Danielle could little escort prostitute feel what Kirsty and Michelle could clearly see. Her pussy was wet and exited. How easily Michelle's well-trained fingers divided her labia and how expertly her right index travelled deep inside her. Just how and when she was stripped naked was lost in the orgy of ecstasy she experienced for some two hours. Once Michelle and Kirsty had sampled her virginal body the committee had their turn. Not one part of her body was spared their fingers, eager mouths and tongues.So it was that the new members of the "Royal Family" were introduced into their new lives as carnival princesses. They discovered just what the secret deal was and were, all but one, very pleased with what was being offered and what they had to little girls forum do.
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